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American Gothic icons, and more... [Apr. 24th, 2007|04:04 pm]
Lucas Black Icons

[x] 09 American Gothic (1.02 A Tree Grows In Trinity)
[x] 13 Prison Break (2.21 Fin Del Camino & 2.22 Sona)
[x] 03 Lost (3.13 The Man From Talahassee)

Comment / Credit / No Hotlinking


( Follow the fake cut for more... )

See more Lost, Prison Break and American Gothic icons @ little3skimo.
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2006|12:09 am]
Lucas Black Icons

Hey all.

I've just added 84 icons from the pilot episode of American Gothic to my journal. Here's a preview:

American Gothic American Gothic American Gothic

To see the rest ( follow the fakey link )

Comment if taking, credit if using, please do not hotlink. Textless icons are not bases. Enjoy.

I'll be adding icon sets for all the other episodes too so if you want to see more friend little3skimo.
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Colorbars and Bases [Jul. 5th, 2006|10:35 am]
Lucas Black Icons

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Colorbars and Bases
Brandon Routh (also in Superman Returns)
Mark Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg
Lucas Black

Bases Only:
Barty Crouch Jr.
David Tennant
Gary Oldman
Sirius Black
Robert Pattinson
Stanislav Ianevski
Viktor Krum


( Check out the rest here )
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Welcome! [Jun. 21st, 2006|06:35 pm]
Lucas Black Icons

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Feel free to post any icons of Lucas that you would like!! I will be posting myself! Have fun and enjoy!
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